The teachings of the ascended masters
Jelaluddin Rumi and Shams of Tabriz,
as channeled to John Windwalker and
Jamila Hammad

Rumi and Shams
The Eternal Friendship

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Jelaluddin Rumi says:

Come and rest your heart in our home, in our tent filled with all types of kindnesses, leisures, awakenings and revelations. Do not give life a second thought. Simply enter. Enter simply. And relax.

Everything here is for you. We lived this life, and for you who do not but wish to, let this be a way station. Let these few and precious moments we spend together dissolve all untruths, illuminate every lie and banish every fear from the rest of your life.

Our love one for the other is eternal, is pure and sacred. You will find the light of such a love any place you sit. Read on and discover how such a love came to be, how God works her eternal wonderment. Welcome to our tent.

Shams of Tabriz says:

It's taken the better part of 8 years, much pestering and a cartload of guidance to get this web site up and running. John and Jamila live what we lived. Oh, they've gone through most all of what we went through, and no doubt they could just not keep a secret any longer. As my beloved friends both know, I am not one to mince words. So when you enter our tent, you will most likely never wish to leave.

Rumi and I spent four of the most meaningful, heartfelt, tumultuous and spiritual years as friends, student and teacher, colleagues in God, that any two souls could ever imagine sharing together. The words you shall read were our way. In this most sacred tent, perhaps you will find the guidance and strength, illumination and devotion to find yours. We are all here to help.

That it not be seen ever as trivial, the devotion, commitment, stick-to-it-ness and just plain willingness to be available are things for which Rumi and I eternally thank the souls known as John and Jamila. Let their good fortune be yours.

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